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About the Owner

Rodger and Robin Bennett have lived in the area most of their life. In 1981, Rodger Bennett was working for another tree company and learned some of the trade. After about 6 months, Rodger decided to make a change and thought working for a glass company was a better opportunity. While working out of town for 2 years he met his soon to be wife, Robin Russell. Rodger decided to make a change to a job that was in town. This allowed him to follow his dreams of owning and operating his own business. In 1984, Rodger and Robin were married and became more than just any married couple. They started Bennett's Tree Service and a family becoming partners in Life. Rodger worked at night in a company and built his company during the day and weekends. In 1986, Robin became more comfortable in the business and quit her job. Bennett's Tree Service was their full-time business and they achieved it the hard way. They learned the ropes of the business with just a pickup truck and chain saws. Rodger did all his climbing with hooks and saddle.

Now Bennett's Tree Service Inc. owns all type of state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge, and employ a crew to do any type of tree work. They preform tree care for Residential and Commercial, along with Government Contracts. Bennett's Tree Service Inc has been in business for 36 years and we are very thankful for all our customers that has allowed us to stay in business and grow. The Bennett's have learned through the years that customers are just as important as the job they do. Rodger Bennett still estimates all the jobs and is one of the few tree companies (in the area) that provides general liability and workers compensation on all of employees. Rodger and Robin believe in taking care of you and your property as if it were their own. They still believe in the integrity of the Gentleman’s Agreement, a handshake.


About Bennett’s Tree Service Inc.

Bennett’s Tree Service has been in business 36 years. The experiences they have learned on their journey were from daily jobs and many of people they have employed. This has allowed us the knowledge to perform tree removal, pruning and tree care safely while also protecting customer’s property. Our goal is to leave your property looking as good or better than it was when we arrived. With the knowledge of Bennett’s Tree Service Inc., removing trees and trimming trees without harming surrounding tree, shrubbery, and lawn is very important to us. When pruning trees, it is vital that it is done properly with the right cuts and angles that won’t harm the trees.

Bennett’s Tree Service Inc. has all the right equipment so they can offer competitive rates along with any other fully insured tree company. Bennett’s has bucket trucks that makes aerial jobs the safest possible. Loader trucks to make heavy clean up easier and efficient. Bob cats to get in places where larger equipment is not possible. Stump grinders to get stump and roots below the surface for a level lawn. Team working employees to keep each other on task. After all tree work is very labor intensive and nature’s elements make it hot, cold, wet and sometimes unbearable. Our customer referrals are 80% of our business and with out satisfied clients we would never had made it this far.

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